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NEVITC is run by volunteers and we're proud that we manage to do a lot with a little, largely due to the support we receive from some great partner organisations and the wider tennis community. Support from Northumberland and D&C LTA, The North East Disability Tennis Network and the Northumberland Club, for example means that the pay to play and membership subs we charge our players largely cover our court costs, keeping us sustainable.

Over the last few years we've raised additional funding from great organisations like VINE, the Dan Maskell Tennis Trust, Tyne and Wear Sport, the Tony Blair Sports Foundation and the Adderstone Foundation. We've bought specialist equipment, coached players and even trained some of the first visually impaired LTA qualified tennis coaches in the UK.

As you can see, we're always on the lookout for funding to do awesome stuff. If you'd like to donate, here's just some of the stuff you could help us out with.


20 JBTF sound balls. 40 Rolls of masking tape. Help a player with transport to a tournament. Obtain matched funding to train a coach.


12 JBTF sound balls (1 box!) 24 Rolls of masking tape. Obtain matched funding to put a coach through a CPD course and keep our professional standards high. Buy a packed lunch for 12 volunteers at one of our events!


6 JBTF sound balls. 12 Rolls of masking tape. Pay for a coach or volunteer to take the LTA competition organisers course and make our tournaments even more awesome. 2 years upkeep of our domain name. Help us with transfer and exchange fees when we import sound balls.


1 JBTF Sound ball. Specially designed by the sport's blind founder Miyoshi Takei in a dojo in Japan (really true!) the Japan Blind Tennis Foundation sound ball is the key adaptation that makes the sport possible. We import these from Japan. Literally; we've become experts in international shipping and money transfers just to get our hands on these! The ball is the only thing more important than masking tape!


1 Roll of masking tape. Next to the JBTF sound ball, masking tape in large quantities is also a key adaptation. Used to tape down tactile markers for blind players as well as for regular short court layout for partially sighted players


Buy a volunteer a lovely cup of tea!


Time is the only really precious commodity, come volunteer with us.

These are just suggestions and any amount we receive is greatly appreciated. If you'd like to donate for something specific or you'd be interested in sponsoring one of our events drop us a line at

Donate Online With PayPal